Hi Rolf,

I hope you and your families are keeping well.

In the notes that I send each quarter, I usually share key business updates and exciting news from Rakuten Advertising. However, I wanted to take a moment to touch on something that I believe has an impact beyond business, partnerships or advertising, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.   

Like many, we’re watching the situation closely and hoping for a quick resolution. Many of our talented Rakuten Advertising colleagues are based in Ukraine, and our sister companies have employees in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Our priority remains the safety of our colleagues, and we are assisting them with relocation and financial assistance. I’m pleased to advise that everyone on our team has reported in as unharmed to date.  

Communication is vital at this time, and I realise that we are not alone in needing to contact people. Rakuten Viber is the largest messaging app in Ukraine, and since internet services have been disrupted, we’ve created a free Viber Out Coupon. This coupon enables anybody with the Viber app to call any mobile or landline number in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania and many more countries.  

As I mentioned earlier, these notes are how I can share business information with you. With, I’m sure all, our thoughts on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, I want to touch on some that I believe you’ll find relevant.  
Whilst we closely monitor and offer support for the crisis in Ukraine, we’re also starting to come out of a Global Pandemic. We’re slowly returning to the office and being granted huge opportunities to reconnect with our teams and partners.  

  • DealMaker Events are Back – after a two-year hiatus, I’m pleased to share that DealMaker events are back in 2022. Our events are all about creating connections, and I’m looking forward to hosting you at DealMaker Europe (June 9th), US (June 27-29th) and APAC (September 1st)  
  • Publisher Dashboard – After listening to feedback from our publisher partners and innovating in areas of service and product delivery, I’m pleased to share that our newly designed publisher dashboard has been launched.  Publisher Dashboard BETA features fully automated partnership offers and links to deliver publishers with optimal yield and the highest revenue. Whether you’re a traditional affiliate publisher, a tech partner or a content publisher, the level of automation delivered, driven by data, supports you in making the most out of your relationships and partners.  
  • IAP Placement Recommender – Found in the Insights and Analytics Portal, Placements Recommender was created to reduce time searching for potential partnerships. Recommendations provided include total estimated cost structures and historical ROAS for recommended publishers.  
  • Advocating for Inclusion and Diversity –I’m also hugely passionate about how we can make impactful changes to the health and wellbeing of our people, as well as the industry. This journey has taken me on a whirlwind path this year! I’m excited to be the Rakuten Executive sponsor of our Women@Rakuten resource group, as well as a partner for the UK Industry’s D&I initiatives. We’ll soon be launching our first D&I event called ‘Affiliate Links’ in partnership with our industry peers. Affiliate Links purpose is to recognise, support and guide new talent in the affiliate industry.  

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing partnership. In times like these, the relationships and people that we work with, make such a difference. The support from the industry throughout the pandemic and Ukraine crisis is something we are proud to be a part of. Hopefully, I will see you at a DealMaker soon. 

All the best,


Rakhee Jogia
Managing Director, International


Media • Performance Marketing • Consumer Insights

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