European Central Bank

60640 Frankfurt am Main


Dear Sir: Rolf Jürgensen

We have acknowledged your email.

We advise you to STOP giving details of your overseas transactions to your local banks especially Hamburger Sparkasse. Only the the European Central Bank (ECB) has authorization to verify your dealings / transactions outside Germany so you must STOP informing your local banks of your transactions and if you need to make overseas transfer you must use other banks.

We are currently investigating corruptions in Hamburger Sparkasse so you are advised to close your accounts, get your funds out of Hamburger Sparkasse and continue your overseas transaction.

This means that your business deals overseas is very secure and if you encounter any financial losses in the event of your business deals, the European Central Bank (ECB) will be liable for any losses and will refund all your money to you.

NOTE: Proceed with payment Tax of € 384,240 Euro through weekly installation of £ 20,000 GBP and £599,967.23 GBP

Yours faithfully,

Directorate General Communications 


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